Universal Password Management

Password Management

If you [like me] visit innumerable sites, have registrations with many of them, do online banking at multiple banks, and have a huge variety of other online systems that you use, then remembering your passwords, is a major issue. One piece of software has quickly taken hold of the entire password management market, achieved reliability and confidence globally in the market and released a steady flow of updates to their system, fixing bugs and further developing its password management system almost to perfection… http://www.1password.com is it ! You can download the app for any platform from here.
By combining 1Password with popular and FREE online cloud sync systems like DropBox you can advance your online security with the automated added benefit of a constant backup to all those passwords along with the offsite storage of that information… so if you are without your wallet and laptop and in a location where you need your creditcard details, or any online login info, the data can be synced to your phone, and is also available online.